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G ONOSONGJYAG SANGSTHA (GSS) learn How to survive a rural development voluntary organization located in the eastern district of Kusthia Bangladesh. It is a non-political non profitable, voluntary men women and children development organization established in 1999 which gradually turned in to one of the largest Rural development organization of the country working to improve the socio economic status of woman in the society. Through building them into in organization of informal groups and providing required social technical, economic and financial support in a planed way for poverty alleviation. GONOSONGJYAG SANGSTHA (GSS) is registered with the directorate of social welfare of the Government of Bangladesh Reg No- kus 553/03 and youth development department in listed No.j.u.o/245/08


A society full fills the fundamental demands of the poor man women and children in which social harmony, Peace, justice and ecological balance prevail.


GONOSONGJYAG SANGSTHA (GSS) will bring about an improved quality of life for the poor men women and children in the social and economic sphere, especially by using awareness techniques to empower the beneficiaries with the skill to survive and assist then to access their legal and democratic rights.


In the project area men women and children are most disadvantaged, poorest, oppressed exploited, tortured and distressed. They have don't have any access to basic needs. They are always deprived of their basic fights. Most of the women are victim of the common violence against them. The health status of women and their children are less then optimal, female literacy rate in the project area is lower then the national average.